Winter heath - Erica ×darleyensis

Show off… the Winter heath always likes to show off with its magenta colour in the depths of winter! As a perennial evergreen shrub it can be enjoyed in your home or in that special spot in the garden! Winter heath is a bud bloomer and will keep its phenomenal colour if taken care of properly for months!

Pot size: 4”.

Weeks available: 1 - 10.

Garden Hardiness: 6 - 8.


Can be lightly pruned after finishing flowering. Can be planted outside in spring, being extra careful with watering in the first summer, until the roots are well established. Once established, heaths are reasonably drought tolerant. 

Light: Bright light to full sun.

Water: Average evenly moist soil.

Temperature: 55 - 72℉. Cooler is preferred.

Fertilizer: Low rate fertilizer.

Soil: Acidic well drained soil is preferred. Tolerates poor soil.

Not for consumption. 

Protect furniture when watering.