Meeting Sunrise.

At Sunrise, we put our pride, effort and passion into producing new plants and new technology for our ever-changing market!

A relentless passion and seeing opportunities from one short over sea's trip is how Sunrise Greenhouses became our home!

Robert and Francis Bierhuizen founded their dream in 1982 and have not looked back since but only allowing the next generation to take steps in creating their dreams!

We are located in the heart of horticulture country in Vineland Station, Ontario, Canada, which situates us central to the US and Canadian markets.

Sunrise Greenhouses functions out of over 1,000,000 square feet of growing space and features exclusive hand-picked plants worldwide.

On top of the unique plant products that we carry, our other priority is the development and implementation of greenhouse equipment; Walking through the greenhouse, you will find many different variations of equipment to improve efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint!

Being able to stand out amongst the rest and giving our customers a new approach to decorating their homes is always a constant goal for our team! We take pride in the plants we offer, and the majority of our lines are exclusive to us in North America!