Pink Jasmine 'Polyanthum' - Jasminum polyanthum

Exotic and wonderful in the senses the Jasmine can be quite deceiving! It is known as the King of Essences having such a widely described smell and animal like qualities in its growth with an added hardy resilience! Pink buds in blossom into white stars surrounded by small green leaves, appealing visually this perennial can fill beautifully in the garden or house decor!Pink jasmine

Origin: China

Pot size: 6”.

Weeks available: 1 - 10.

Garden Hardiness: 9 - 10.


Light: Bright light to full sun. Avoid direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the summer.

Size: Up to 20 ft tall and 5 ft wide if not pruned back.

Water: Moderately moist soil.

Temperature: 55 - 75℉.

Fertilizer: Use a well-balanced fertilizer during spring and summer. Follow the fertilizer label.

Soil: Well drained. 

Pruning: After flowering, pruning is recommended.

Not for consumption.

Protect furniture when watering.