Rosemary Tree

Refresh... Treat your home to something new, fresh and fragrant! The Rosemary Tree creates a relaxing warming smell to any household during the holidays and will continue long after that. 

This is a special cultivar of Salvia rosmarinus bred by us at Sunrise Greenhouses. 

Pot size: 4” & 6”.

Weeks available: 45 - 51.



Summer/Winter: Enjoy in the garden during the summer. Keep plants in a cool protected location for winter months. 

Size: Can reach up to 6' tall and 4' wide when mature, under appropriate conditions.

Hardiness Zone: 7 - 11

Light: Bright light to full sun. During winter or cloudy days, supplemental lighting is beneficial.

Fertilizer: Low rate slow release fertilizer in spring.

Water: Keep moderately moist, do not overwater. Bottom watering is recommended for a few minutes, not leaving the pot sit in water for a long period.

Soil: Well drained.

Pruning: Prune periodically to keep a sharp tree-like shape.

Protect furniture when watering.