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Lavender Tree

Lavender tree

Relax... A new tradition is starting... have you seen it?

Sunrise's exclusive! This Lavandula angustifolia 'LA007' is a cultivar bred by us, to wander off the beaten path for the holidays.  

The Lavender Tree creates a relaxing warming smell to any household during the holidays and will continue long after that. Lavender Tree is exclusive to Sunrise.

Treat your home decor to something new, fresh and fragrant this year!

Pot size: 4” & 6”.

Weeks available: 45 - 51.


Light: Bright light to full sun.

Water: Keep moderately moist.

Soil: Well drained.

Summer/Winter: Enjoy in the garden during the summer months. Keep plants in a cool protected location for winter months.

Pruning: Prune periodically to keep a sharp tree-like shape.

Patented. Propagation prohibited.

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