Glacier Eucalyptus

Glacier Eucalyptus

Here we are stepping outside of the box again to introduce to you the new Glacier Eucalyptus!

A koala and a glacier? Sounding a bit off kilter? What this koala knows is that this Eucalyptus this winter hardy up to -20°C but still loves the full sun.

Interior Living: 

Living indoors with the Eucalyptus the following care tips may help you keep these plants in their happy place! Make sure it is sitting in a bright light to full sun area with moist, well drained soil and normal room temperatures (68°F to 72°F). 

Exterior Living:

In the garden our Glacier Eucalyptus is a stunner and in many areas will come back year after year.

* Plant no later than July to ensure roots have established before winter in well draining soil.

* Winter hardy to -20°C when planted outside.

* Plant a few feet apart from each other to allow room to spread.

* Size when mature: 5m (15ft) tall and around 2m wide. In the long term can reach up to 10m (30ft) tall.

Weeks available: 36 - 40.

Propagation is prohibited.


Indoor Water and Light: 

Watering the Glacier Eucalyptus is a simple habit to keeping this stunner looking happy and feeling healthy. On average this sun loving plant needs 1 cup or 250ml every two days. 

Protect furniture when watering.

Eucalyptus basic care

Light plays such vital factor in the Glacier Eucalyptus health! Please them the best chance at life with direct sunlight! The effects in the picture below show you the difference can make!


The plant on left reflects 1 week of north window exposure and the plant on right reflects south window exposure.