Gaultheria 'Wintergreen'

Charming … originally a North American wildflower the Wintergreen (also known as Teaberry) generates a plentiful mound of red berries through its glossy evergreen leaves and makes a lovely addition to any container garden or also can be used as a ground cover!

The leaves and berries have a delicious mint aroma when crushed.

Origin: Canada, North Central and Eastern USA.

Pot size: 4”.

Weeks available: 40 - 51.


Light: Bright light to shade.

Water: Moderately moist soil. Do not over water!

Temperature: 50 - 80℉.

Fertilizer: Use a well-balanced fertilize during spring and summer. Follow the label.

Soil: Well drained acidic soil. 

Hardiness zone: 3 to 8.

Not for consumption.