Fall Heather - Calluna vulgaris

Iconic ... Throughout history in poems and novels the Heather has been mentioned and grows in abundance across the moors and heaths in Scotland. Available in white, red, pink and purple!

Origin: Eurasia

Pot size: 4".

Weeks available: 35 - 40. 

Hardiness zone: 4 - 6

Size when mature: 2 ft tall and wide


Light: Bright light or full sun. It will appreciate some light shade in hot summer sun.

Water: Keep soil wet but not over watered. It is drought tolerant when established.

Indoors temperature: 55 - 72℉.

Fertilizer: Not often, can be used a low rate fertilizer during spring (follow the label).

Soil: Well drained, acidic. Can be planted outside if zones 5 to 7.

Not for consumption.