Ardisia 'Bospremium' - Ardisia crenata

Entertaining ... beautiful red and white berries! This exclusive variety of Ardisia ‘Bospremium’ species is a more full and compact plant. In spring it will bloom with flowers and gain a new leaf wreath with added height each year. The plant will continue to hold several layers of berries for an extended amount of time.

*Restricted shipping to Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Please inquiry*

Pot size: 6”.

Weeks available: 46 - 51.



Light: Shade to bright light.

Water: Keep moderately moist. 10 minutes of bottom watering is recommended, or a cup of water when needed. 

Temperature: 33 - 90℉.

Fertilizer: Three times per season with low nitrogen fertilizer such as fish emulsion.

Soil: Well drained.

Hardiness: Zones 8-10.

Not for consumption.

Protect furniture when watering.