4" Campanula

4" Campanula

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Vintage beauty. 

This Alpine native beauty can be used in the interior or the exterior of your home. In both places it can add an old romantic pop of colour. It comes in 3 shades and should be placed in partial to full sun. On the exterior of the home this is a low growing ground covering plant with green foliage. Masses of flowers abound in early summer and it will flower about 3 to 4 times all the way into November until frost starts to set in.

Exterior Living:

In the garden our Purple Get MEE® is hands down a winner and in many areas will come back year after year.

* Plant no later than July to ensure roots have established before winter.

* Water regularly until roots have established (approx. 1 month after planting).

* Can flower up to 3 times per year (early summer, late summer, late fall).

* Plant 12” apart from each other to allow room to spread.

* Ground covering plant.

Propagation is prohibited.

Size: 4”.

Zones 3 - 8.

Available:  December to June.

Not for consumption.