Saxifrage Alpino™️ - Saxifraga × arendsii

The name Saxifrage is derived from the Latin 'Saxifragus' meaning 'stone breaker' which they are believed to cause cracks in the rocks of their alpine environment they inhabit. 

Compact and stunning mounded flowers with feminine evergreen lobed leaves add an impressive look to any interior with full or partial sun. 

The strength of this plant is seen in our exterior environment as it is native to the sub-artic and alpine areas and can grow in a tiny little crevice of a rock making this a winner in the garden. It is usually the first flower to present itself after a long winter. The Saxifrage also works well in containers on the porch or balcony. It is also perfect for edging, ground cover, and rock gardens.  

Pot Size: 4”.

Weeks Available: 10 - 22. 

Garden Hardiness: 4 - 9.


Light: Full sun to bright light. Long periods of indirect light indoors. 

Water: Keep moderately moist. Water indoor plants from beneath.

Temperature: Indoors 50 - 72 ℉.

Fertilizer: Well-balanced fertilizer during active growth. Follow the label.

Soil: Well drained, consistent moist.

Height: 6-10"

Width: 8-12"

Not for consumption.

Protect furniture when watering.