Pixie Grape

Pot size: 6”.

Weeks available: 17 - 40.

Will be available in USA 2014.

Pixie Grape is a dwarf grapevine that produces miniature clusters of grapes. This small plant is easy to care for and can be grown both indoors and out. In fact, the Pixie Grape is so small, it can even be grown in a coffee cup! Pixie Grape is a naturally occurring mutant of Vitus Vinifera ‘Pinot Meunier’, a variety of grape used to produce champagne and wine. Unlike teaditional vines that can take up to three years to produce grapes, the Pixie Grapes begins producing its signeture miniature clustusters of trapes within the first year of growth. Due to its unique appearance, it makes a wonderful conversation piece and is a must-have for the wine-lover!

Care & Handling